Ask a Social Entrepreneurship Expert

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging space; whether you're a non-profit, co-op, or for-profit, this is your chance to have your questions answered!

From looking at how to make more of a social impact to learning about how to become B Corp certified, now is the time to book your appointment with Hannah Cree, our Social Entrepreneurship Expert.

Hannah is leading the social entrepreneurship strategy & education at ATB Financial and is the co-founder of a social enterprise called CMNGD (COMMONGOOD), a linen service providing living wage employment to people living in poverty.

Hannah will give you guidance, tips, and referrals into the social entrepreneurship space. It will be a fast-paced 30 minutes... be ready to take notes!

Cost: $25 per 30 minute private appointment.

Contact via phone, in person (at our Edmonton office), or Skype™

Social Entrepreneurship Expert Expert: Hannah Cree, Impact Network

Policies: Registration closes 12:00pm the day before. Cancellations accepted online 24 hours prior to appointment. Cancellations after this will not be refunded.

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24 Oct 2017 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm Call us, drop by our Edmonton office, or Skype