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Don't let your stu(m)bbles get in the way of your dreams!

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“This project is a make or break for me—all or nothing.”
It’s through this poignant statement that Samar Anjum conveys his resolve for his new business venture. Samar is one of those people whose commitment, determination and tenacity know no bounds; nothing will stop him from achieving his dreams. It is these qualities which are the hallmark of a true entrepreneur.

Creative Financing Ideas

Category: Business planning Financing

By far the most common question we find entrepreneurs asking is: “What financing options are out there to start or grow a small business?”. Although there are many traditional ways to finance a business, like through personal savings, family and friends, loans from financial institutions, and speciality financing programs, sometimes these may not be enough (or available at all) to get a new venture off the ground. That’s when you need to harness your creative energy and start thinking outside the box!

Intellectual Property—Save Your Ass(ets)

Category: Intellectual property Legal issues

If you are starting a business, there are TONS of things you need to think about—everything from getting your business license to setting up a bank account to creating a website. But one area people often neglect relates to Intellectual Property (or IP for short). IP is broadly defined as being any “creations of the mind,” or the set of legal rights individuals or entities attain through intellect in the development of concepts, inventions, and creations. These may be ingenious new inventions, a unique logo, or a creative design.