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The subject of entrepreneurship now occupies a prominent place in our world's economy and is associated with the concept of innovation. The world is eager for innovative and bold people who are capable of taking entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Hispanic nature is predisposed to innovation because it is a fresh, happy, informal culture. People who identify with this culture tend to fit within the six keys of entrepreneurship: focus, energy, commitment, mental elasticity, teamwork, and results.

Although Hispanic-Canadians come from diverse backgrounds, their culture is united around the Spanish language. This gives them a different outlook from the majority English speakers in Canada.

Einstein defined the innovative attitude as “seeing what nobody sees, starting from intuition rather than from data, from imagination rather than from knowledge.”


Immigrants constitute 21.9% of the Canadian population. The number of Hispanic immigrants to Canada has doubled since 1996! Thousands of them bolster their future with their own business initiatives.

Taking an in-depth look at this community is a rewarding proposition, not only in terms of observing their growth and initiatives but learning from their approach to business.

If we look south of the border where the population of Hispanic people is even larger, we can see how their cultural attitudes have led to success. For instance, in the USA, Hispanic-owned businesses have grown at 27.5% in the past fifteen years, double the average growth rate for all US firms!


These entrepreneurs are switching up the trend in other ways, too: like many Albertan entrepreneurs, half of American Hispanic entrepreneurs are young, between the ages of 18 and 35. These savvy Hispanic millennials are collectively known as Generation Ñ.

There isn’t as much research on how Generation Ñ is contributing in Canada. A first-of-its-kind study done in the Greater Toronto Area found more than 500 Hispanic-owned businesses in the area, from the food and beverage sector to legal, accounting, and immigration services. Together, they contribute between $49.2 million and $73.8 million directly to the local economy!  

TD Bank’s Most Influential Hispanic Canadians (2017) listed people who came from 6 different countries, and are currently making Canada stronger and more vibrant. Here, in a country where multiculturalism is a foundational value, we can all look to this community to help build a rich future.


Level Ñ is a conference designed to help Hispanic Canadians create, scale, and grow their own businesses. Keynote sessions featuring speakers that will give hundreds of attendees the opportunity to explore ideas, practices, education programs, guidance and business solutions around the entrepreneurship universe.

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