Getting government grants, loans, and financing

Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal government bodies can help your business through grants, loans, or other forms of financing. Finding and applying for government grants or loans can be a time-consuming, complex process. Your time might be better spent pursuing other conventional or alternative financing methods.

Search for government financing opportunities at the Canada Business Network

Government grants

There are lots of misconceptions about government grants for small businesses. The government isn't giving away free money – they've created publicly funded programs to help the Canadian economy. Some programs are available to businesses all over Canada, while others are restricted to certain business types or regions. Most funding programs have very strict requirements for use of funds and reporting requirements

The Canada Business Network has an extensive free list of regional and federal public funding opportunities in Canada. Make sure you do the research to confirm that your business is eligible before you apply.

Government loans

Federal and provincial governments can lend money or provide cash advances, or even provide government-backed loan guarantees to help you secure third-party financing.

Other government financing options

The Canadian government can help your small business succeed in other ways, such as:

Visit the Canada Business Network website to find out more about other government financing options.

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