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Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Calgary, AB - 403-261-6655 Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

CCVO promotes and strengthens the nonprofit and voluntary sector by developing and sharing resources and knowledge, building connections, leading collaborative work, and giving voice to critical issues affecting the sector.

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Calgary Construction Association

Calgary, AB - 403-291-3350 Calgary Construction Association

The CCA is a non-profit voluntary membership association which is involved in the fostering and advancement of the interests of those who are engaged in, or who are connected with the institutional, commercial, industrial (ICI) sectors of the construction industry in Calgary and surrounding area.

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Calgary Economic Development

Calgary, AB - 403-221-7831 Calgary Economic Development

Calgary Economic Development works with businesses, government and community partners to position Calgary as the location of choice for the purpose of attracting business investment, fostering trade and growing Calgary's workforce.

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Capital Ideas Calgary

Calgary, AB - Capital Ideas Calgary

Capital Ideas is about Calgary business owners helping business owners by sharing what they know in the Calgary Herald FP section and at live events.

Here is where they are coming from:

  • They believe every entrepreneur has learned something that would help others start or improve their businesses.
  • They believe sharing that knowledge would make Calgary a stronger, better, more innovative city.
  • They believe the entrepreneurial spirit is a valuable mindset, whether or not you run your own business.
  • They believe in a creative, collaborative kind of entrepreneurship focused on succeeding on one’s own merits rather than tearing the competition down. They believe in honest, genuine and useful conversation and interaction that is never boring.
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Chic Geek

Calgary, AB - Chic Geek

Chic Geek is a Calgary-based non-profit building a welcoming, supportive community for women at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. They want to see more women as makers, builders and creators, leveraging technology to change the world!

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