Market Research and Your Social Cause: Foothills Region

Are you interested in integrating a social purpose within your business?

Join us at Community Futures Highwood as we delve into the basics of market research and how you can use it to achieve your social cause.

The third and final session in our Social Enterprise series, by this point businesses should have a well-developed idea for how you can integrate a social cause into your business. We will use this time to add weight to these ideas, by asking questions around the social value proposition and by developing a plan for how we can engage the community to prove that good intentions won't go to waste. We cover primary and secondary research methods to achieve this.

Businesses will leave this session with a strong foundation of market research for social enterprise, and a plan for how to continue your journey towards a deeper understanding of your social impact.

Presented by: Meredith Perich, Business Link, in partnership with Thrive

Cost: Free

Eventbrite - Market Research and Your Social Cause: Foothills Region

This workshop is the third in a series of three progressive sessions on Social Enterprise brought to you by Business LinkThriveBow Valley CollegeOkotoks Chamber of Commerce, the Town of OkotoksMcBride Career Group, and Community Futures Highwood, open to all entrepreneurs and business owners in the Foothills Region.

12 Mar 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm Community Futures Highwood – 14 McRae Street, Okotoks, AB