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Alberta Bed & Breakfast Association

Alberta Bed & Breakfast Association

ABBA is a not-for-profit association whose purpose is to further the bed and breakfast industry in Alberta by promoting high standards, cooperative marketing and government liaison. Their website has a listing of 70+ B&Bs in Alberta, as well as events throughout the province.

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Alberta Business Family Institute

Edmonton, AB - 780-492-0234 Alberta Business Family Institute

The Alberta Business Family Institute recognizes the vital impact of family enterprise on our economy, as well as the specialized needs of this unique entity. ABFI is committed to improving the statistics through the provision of essential tools, guidance and knowledge in such areas as: succession and estate planning, corporate governance, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

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Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products

Edmonton, AB; Calgary, AB - 780-468-2443; 403-291-8946 Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products

ACAMP provides specialized services to micro nano technology clients. They offer a wide range of services to private, technology-based medium size and start-up enterprises. Their services encompass key areas identified as critical for the commercialization of MNT products. They are: Marketing & Business Development, Product Development, Packaging and Assembly, Manufacturing, Test and Characterization.

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Alberta Chamber of Resources

Edmonton, AB - 780-420-1030 Alberta Chamber of Resources

ACR's hallmark is to offer solutions and seek balance to ensure the orderly development of Canadian resources. This is the theme for the Chamber’s future—to stand up and represent the voice of their members in a powerful and credible way. They have a membership directory and various resources.

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Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Edmonton, AB - 1-800-272-8854 Alberta Chambers of Commerce

As the Advocate for Alberta Business, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce are your local resource, championing ideas, harnessing energy and collectively moving forward sensible solutions for small business. 

The Alberta Chambers of Commerce is a federation of 126 Chambers of Commerce across Alberta.  Their website includes a directory of Chambers in urban and rural Alberta. 

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