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Allied Beauty Association

Mississauga, ON - 1-800-268-6644 Allied Beauty Association

The ABA is a registered not-for-profit Canadian organization that represents more than 90% of the Canadian professional beauty supply industry with respect to hair and nails. It is a trade association of manufacturers and distributors of professional beauty products and equipment for the use of beauty salons and spas.

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Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc.

Edmonton, AB - 1-800-252-7963 Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc.

Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc. is committed to providing profitable and sustainable financial services and support to clients who seek the means to attain economic self-sufficiency. Services include small business loans, support service programs, and business advisory services.

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APEX Southeast Alberta Regional Innovation Network

Medicine Hat, AB - APEX Southeast Alberta Regional Innovation Network

APEX's vision is to create a globally competitive region for innovation and technology in Southeast Alberta. APEX strives to support local entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and adopt new technologies, commercialize innovative new products, and improve productivity. The APEX Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Program is an exciting two-year pilot providing entrepreneur development and mentor supports. Our professional entrepreneurship advisors can help entrepreneurs move ideas forward and navigate business programs and services.

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Apparel Innovation Centre

Calgary, AB - Apparel Innovation Centre

The Apparel Innovation Centre is Western Canada's first open-access apparel research and development facility. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creative growth in the apparel industry. With a large collection of cutting edge equipment, they provide a host of services in three areas of focus:

1. Research - Thermal Comfort Research and Hot Liquid + Steam Protection Research

2. Development - Product Innovation from the inception of an innovative idea to the final prototype

3. Training - Hands-on Apparel Industry Training and Education

The centre was made possible through Western Economic Diversification Canada and contributions from Olds College and Alberta Garment.

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Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta

Edmonton, AB - 1-800-232-7214 Appropriate Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta

ADRIA is a non-profit organization which trains, represents, and supports ADR professionals, and assists the people and organizations who use their services. Their focus is on providing options to resolve conflicts, address harm, or make decisions in a way that is appropriate for the situation, and that allow the people involved to avoid litigation.

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