Licenses, permits, and regulations

In addition to registering your business, you might need municipal, provincial, and federal business licenses and permits. You also have to adhere to any government regulations that apply for your business.

First, talk to all the municipalities you'll be operating in to find out what regulations apply to you. Then, check provincial and federal regulations.

You may want to get advice from a lawyer or accountant to make sure you have everything covered.

Municipal licenses and permits

Almost all businesses will require some kind of municipal license or permit. Make sure you get all the licenses and permits you need for every municipality you operate in.

Find the municipal licenses and permits that apply to you:

  • BizPaL: This online tool lists municipal licenses and permits for many Alberta municipalities. However, not all municipalities participate in BizPaL, and not all requirements are listed. Contact your local municipal government to make sure you have everything covered.
  • Your local government: If your municipality isn't included in BizPaL, see Alberta Municipal Affairs for your government's contact information.

Provincial licenses, permits, and regulations

Many industries will also require provincial licenses and permits.

Federal regulations

Some businesses will also have to adhere to federal regulations. Find federal regulations that may apply to your business.

Industry-specific regulatory bodies

Some professions and trades, such as accounting, law, and electricians, also have professional regulatory bodies. If you want to start a business in these industries, you will need to adhere to their requirements and regulations.

Need help navigating complicated regulations?

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