Past Volunteer Experts

We wish to thank the industry professionals below who helped our small business clients.


Howard Dudley   Dudley & Associates
David Ushko    David Ushko Chartered Accountant
Marlene Park   Grant Thornton LLP 
Melissa Klebeck  MNP LLP
Lorn B Stanners    Dorward & Company LLP
Josh Spurrell    Josh Spurrell Professional Corporation
Les Grajkowski    Padgett Business Services
Cyrus Dastouri    Grant Thornton LLP
Darren Buma    KWB Chartered Accountants
David Wickenberg    KWB Chartered Accountants
Zane Christensen  KPMG LLP
Tope Roth  Roth Schroder Professional Corporation
Peter Heary  KPMG LLP

Business Management / Business Planning

Jim Ewing    Pro-Vision Solutions Inc
Keleigh Cormier    Clear Think Inc.
Peter Langford-Jones    Langford-Jones Consulting Ltd
Jeff Nixon    Synergist Communications
Devesh Dwivedi    Idea2Inception 
Gordon Sheppard    Succession Managers Incorporated
Kevin MacDonald   L6S Business Consulting Inc.

Importing / Exporting

Mark Southworth   Livingston International

Insurance Consultant

Frits Wortman   Insurance Bureau Canada 

Lease Coach

Jeff Grandfield  The Lease Coach Inc.

Legal Expertise

Jordan T. Mertz    Bryan & Company LLP
Gregory K. Pang    RedFrame Law 
Derek Hopfner  Law Scout
Allison Rudzitis    McLennan Ross LLP
Laura Kumpf    Miller Thomson LLP
Brittany Earl   Duncan Craig LLP
Paul Osbaldeston    Bryan & Company LLP
Kent McSporran    Bryan & Company LLP
Greg E. Atkins    Parlee McLaws LLP
Camron D. Schwartz    Ogilvie Law LLP
Justin E. Kingston    McCuaig Descroshers LLP
David Chmelyk    Bishop & McKenzie LLP
Amy Oygen    Dentons
Graeme Swainson    Brownlee LLP
Phil du Heaume   Raintree Financial Solutions


James Burgess  Everyday Communities Inc.

Social Media & Marketing

Randy Brososky    Group of Rogues
Brian Siddle    Strong Coffee Marketing 
Tricia Dey-Twomey    Alexander Twomey Inc
Ranchelle Alexander    Alexander Twomey Inc
Jeff Schneider    Marketing Ninjas
Jim Spiers   MicroBusiness Training Center 
Catalina Morales  Beshift
Catherine Lee  Rouge DH 
Shannon Berry  The Promo Syndicate


Dena Gillies  CapitalHR Solutions 
Tonya Syvitski  Robert Half Management Resources

Financial/Credit Counsellor

Rebecca Frederick   Frederick & Company Ltd.
Lisa Kunce and Joanne Comessotti  Business Development Bank of Canada


Chantel Hamilton  Afterwords Communications


Neetu Sidhu  ATB Financial