Webinar: The 10 Most Powerful Questions You Should Ask in Every Meeting

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 10:00 to 11:00

The Tools You Need To Build a Powerful Business: The Things NO ONE Told You When You Started Your Business

Please join Kim Orlesky for this webinar to learn how to create higher-impact meetings with your clients by asking higher-value questions!

This will be the third webinar of Kim's 4-part webinar series that will cover everything from how to scale to the right pricing strategy that the most successful businesses use.

Please stay tuned for the final webinar in the series!

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Facilitated by: Kim Orlesky, KimOrlesky.com

Eventbrite - How to Find Your Ideal Clients To Build Your Business At Record Speed Webinar

Our expert will address as many questions as possible, but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered. Questions and answers will be shared with all attendees. This webinar is not recorded.

Kim Orlesky

Kim Orlesky

Kim has spent almost a decade working for some of the most successful Fortune 500 companies. She has sold to entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-levels of international conglomerates. But it wasn’t until she left sales that she truly understood her desire to empower others to do sales in a different way in order to bring better, more reliable results.