Webinar: GST for Nonprofits

Friday, January 4, 2019 - 10:00 to 11:00

As a Non-Profit do you have questions about GST? Non-Profit organizations are different from charities or businesses, with different GST rules. Canada Revenue Agency will be here to help provide answers to these important questions.

Do you know that most of your revenue sources are taxable but some are not?

Are you unsure about the percentage of rebates or ITCs that you can claim?

  • Being audited is stressful and time consuming

  • Learn to file correct GST/HST returns and minimize the burden of a large assessment from CRA.

During this webinar we will cover topics such as the following:

  • The tax status of different revenue streams for non-profit organizations

  • The GST/HST status of Grants, Sponsorship, and Memberships

  • Eligibility to claim ITCs (100% credit on GST/HST paid out for expenses)

  • Eligibility for rebates that will help non-profit organizations with their funding

  • Common errors found during audits that lead to large assessments in this sector

Come prepared with questions to ask, and submit them live to our expert via chat during the webinar.

Facilitated by Bill Poon, Canada Revenue Agency


Eventbrite - GST for Nonprofits Webinar

Please note: Our experts will address as many questions as possible, but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered. Questions and answers will be shared with all attendees. There will be no slide presentation in this webinar, as it is a Q & A discussion. This webinar is not recorded.