Webinar: How to Automate Your Bookkeeping with Technology

Friday, August 17, 2018 - 10:00 to 11:00

Are you looking for ways to automate your bookkeeping with technology? Please join us for this webinar, featuring our friends at Enkel Backoffice Solutions to learn more!

One of the greatest barriers to growth faced by Small Business Owners is spending precious time on non-revenue generating activities. Without dedicated accounting resources, the labour involved in recording transactions, reconciling debits and credits, handling monthly or quarterly close and running financial statements can seem like a weighty drain on daily operations. So how can technology help resolve these issues? And what else can technology do to increase business efficiency? We’ll share the answers with you during this interactive webinar.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to learn about how technology is changing the accounting industry and raise questions on the spot to our presenters. We’ll touch on some fundamental accounting concepts as well as the benefits and functionality of technology based bookkeeping, before ending with a Q&A session!

Register with us today to get learn how technology-based bookkeeping can help you achieve business success!

Facilitated by: Andrea Mitchell, CPA from Enkel Backoffice Solutions

Eventbrite - How to Automate Your Bookkeeping with Technology Webinar

​Our expert will address as many questions as possible, but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered. Questions and answers will be shared with all attendees. This webinar is not recorded.

Andrea Mitchell

Enkel Backoffice Solutions Inc.

Andrea is an accounting manager at Enkel Backoffice Solutions, a bookkeeping firm that provides customized solutions to Alberta-based businesses in Edmonton and Calgary. Enkel strives to provide fellow entrepreneurs with a better system for managing their bookkeeping, cash flow and financial data, so they can focus on growing their businesses.