Joshua Day Chief

Board Member

Joshua Day Chief is the CEO of a family and Indigenous-owned company called AdvancedAg Inc., located in Raymond, Alberta. AdvancedAg (AAG) is a biotech company producing beneficial blends of bacteria for water and soil health. Day Chief’s background is in environmental reclamation and restoration. He joined the AAG team in 2013 to conduct numerous research projects funded by the National Research Council. This important work has helped to diversify and grow the company exponentially over the last few years.

Day Chief’s passion is to be a leader in environmental solutions, innovation and education. He has built strong ties to the southern Alberta agriculture and business community and has continued to grow the reputation and development of the AAG product line with third party research and engaging in a team approach. Today, Joshua works very closely with dealers, suppliers and end-users to solve many soil and water issues. He has a passionate vision that extends globally for AdvancedAg.

Joshua was recently awarded an Honouring Excellence – Rising Star Award in 2020 from Lethbridge College and is now a member of the Board of Governors for the post-secondary institution. He also sits on the Blackfoot Confederacy Entrepreneur Steering Committee and received an Alumni Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation in 2018.

Joshua is located in Raymond.