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Friday, Oct 18 2019
Online via Zoom
Small Business Webinar

Join Kim Orlesky for part 2 in this 4-part Webinar Series!

Why do some companies seem to close every deal that comes their way, while others will spend months at the “closing” phase with their clients? It’s not luck. It’s focused effort. For every client interaction there was likely hours spent before that interaction ensuring the company was finding the right client, and ultimately saving themselves hours, days, and months getting the deal to close. Learn how to find, attract, and work with the clients that are ready to buy. Then exchange future headaches and pain for joyful client interactions who are ready to buy today.

Facilitated by: Kim Orlesky,

Please note: Our expert will address as many questions as possible, but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered. This webinar is not recorded.

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