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Amazon Brand Registry: How to Build and Protect Your Brand

Join us for this second part of the three-part free webinar series, where you will learn how to grow your business on Amazon. You will get in-depth information on how to start selling, building your brand and then marketing your business on this amazing e-commerce platform.

As someone who may be familiar with the basics of how to sell on Amazon, it’s time to learn how to enroll and protect your brand.

Growing as a seller involves expanding your selection, driving traffic to your products, increasing your reach, and delivering a great customer experience. This webinar will introduce you to the Amazon Brand Registry and its suite of tools designed to help businesses build and protect your brand.

Amazon launched Brand Registry in 2017 and has expanded globally to 17 different countries. Over 500,000 brands have enrolled worldwide in Brand Registry, supported by over 10,000 Amazon employees to help protect our stores across the world. (Source: Amazon)

What you’ll learn:
  • How Amazon already protects thousands of brands
  • How to enroll in Brand Registry and what’s required
  • Programs to help enroll and protect your brand, such as IP Accelerator and Transparency
  • Features that enhance your brand, such as A+ Content and Stores
  • Brand reports to better understand your target audience
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Aug. 24th 1:00- 2:00pm: Learn about Fulfillment by Amazon and Advertising: Expand your Reach with Amazon

About the presenter:

Matt Turner has been at Amazon since 2018, and is currently Head of Business Development for Western Canada. In his current role, Matt provides guidance and resources to businesses throughout Canada interested in expanding to sell on Amazon. He collaborates with organizations focused on small business initiatives to help provide additional Amazon-related content and bring awareness to the many resources available to businesses seeking to sell online.


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Jul 27 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Online via Zoom
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