Business Foundation Series – Bring Your Business Idea to Life

Do you have a great idea for a business, but aren’t sure how to turn it into a profitable business venture? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to turn your idea into a reality. This hands-on session will teach you:  

  • The basics of what it takes to start and run a business 
  • How to create a business model and a plan to launch your business 
  • Where to access planning and startup resources 
  • How Business Link can help with your next steps 


Participants will complete a one-page business outline and have access to additional materials and resources throughout the workshop. It is strongly recommended that participants attend live via desktop or laptop to ensure they can complete materials and interact with the facilitators and other attendees. This presentation is recorded and made available to attendees only. 

ATCOenergy is a proud sponsor of the Business Link Business Foundation Series. 


Nov 02 2022


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




Online via Zoom
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