Empowering Immigrant & Newcomer Entrepreneurs in Alberta

Starting a business as an immigrant or newcomer to Canada comes with unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re navigating cultural differences or facing unfamiliar legal and financial territory, we provide guidance, tools, and resources to help you start and grow your small business in Alberta.

Immigrant Services

Dedicated to Help You Start & Succeed

For over 5 years, we’ve supported immigrant & newcomer small businesses and entrepreneurs. We provide free resources and support at any stage in your entrepreneurial journey.

One-on-one business advice & coaching

Educational resources, guidebooks, & videos

Interactive workshops, events, & webinars

Dedicated one-on-one coaching and supports from Business Link staff to immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta.

Network referral building with a focus on pairing immigrant entrepreneurs with the most suitable support wherever they are in Alberta.

Training and workshops to help newcomers and immigrants understand Canadian business practices and improve their business skills.

Informative resources including guidebooks and checklists.

Delivery of capacity building training to business and service providers across rural Alberta to allow them to reach and serve immigrant entrepreneurs within their region more successfully.

Information on financing.

Hear from a Newcomer Who Started Their Small Business

As a newcomer in Canada, Bukola Adedeji aimed to make a positive impact in the lingerie industry. Recognizing the common struggle women face in finding bras and garments that prioritize both comfort and fit, she addressed this market gap by launching her first store, TheBraGirl, in February 2018. Her mission is to provide women with the support and confidence they need in every stage of life.

Meet our Immigrant Entrepreneur Team

Our team is committed to providing you with the best resources available to ensure the success of your small business.

Abdalla Mohamed

Manager, Immigrant Entrepreneur Services

Christine Nantchouang

Business Strategist

Resources to Help You Get Started

Download our guidebooks available in multiple languages, designed to assist you in launching and expanding your small business.

Business Planning for Small Businesses in Alberta
Starting a Business in Alberta
Marketing Your Small Business in Alberta
Financial Fundamentals for Small Business in Alberta

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