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If your business meets certain requirements, you must register a business number (BN) with the federal government.

A unique business number is given to every business that registers. It helps the government simplify their work with you. However, not all businesses need a business number

You will need to register for a business number with the federal government if you:

  • Take in over $30,000 of revenue
  • Pay wages to your employees
  • Incorporate your business in multiple provinces
  • Are a registered charity
  • Import or export goods
  • Meet other requirements

Learn more about business numbers from the Canada Revenue Agency.

How Do I Register a Business Number?

You can register online, by phone, by mail, or by fax. Go to the Canada Revenue Agency website to find out how.

Before you register, you will need:

  • Name and Social Insurance Number (SIN) of at least one owner/director of the business
  • Structure and name of your business
  • Major Business Activity (MBA) of your business
  • A description of your three main products or services, and their estimated percentage of your revenue
  • Physical location and mailing address for your business

Get the Canada Revenue Agency’s Request for a Business Number form to find everything you need to apply.

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