September 21, 2022 

Lean Mean Business Machine Webinar Series Fall 2022

The 8 Deadly Wastes: What you Can’t See that’s Silently Killing your Business

90% of your daily activities are killing your business. The 8 Deadly Wastes include all the waiting, mistake-correcting and time-wasting activities that consume your operations. This conversation will breathe life into your business!

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the Lean Concepts of 8 Wastes and Value Analysis
  • Immediate practical application of the 8 Wastes in your business processes
  • Waste identification exercise and action plan creation

This event is for entrepreneurs in the start-up stage of their business journey looking for resources, support, and guidance.

Learn more about the presenter

Holly Blair is a Lean Consultant and Chemical Engineer with 17 years of experience in the chemical processing, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. She started her career as a process engineer in the chemical processing industry and along the way discovered the power of Lean Six Sigma to transform organizations and make a massive difference for the people who work there. With that possibility in mind, Holly went about collecting letters after her name to learn as much as possible: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Professional Engineer, Change Management Practitioner, Business Analyst, Certified Executive Coach – it’s quite the collection! Holly has a knack for distilling business processes down to what really works, creating ease and simplicity in otherwise chaotic and complex environments. Holly created Engineering Possibilities in 2018 to make a difference for businesses and organizations with Process Transformation and absolutely loves her work!

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