January 18, 2022

This session is to explore how to access statistical information sources and plan for your small business using Statistics Canada data. Topics include market composition, industry, competitor profiles, and financial performance. This session will also discover how to access statistical information sources on Statistics Canada’s website.

About the presenter:

Darren Lezubski is a Consulting Analyst and workshop instructor with the Statistical Information Service (SIS) of Statistics Canada in the Western and Northern Region. A first-generation Canadian, Darren has worked for Statistics Canada for approximately ten years. He holds a Masters degree in City Planning from the faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba and an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from the University of Winnipeg.

This event is for small business owners who have their enterprise up and running, and are looking for resources, support, and guidance to grow their businesses.

This recording will be available until Feb. 20, 2023

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