January 21, 2021

Planning is the most critical factor in any successful website project – without a detailed plan and strong understanding of what you need to accomplish your business goals, you can wind up wasting effort, money and countless hours, something no entrepreneur or small business owner can afford.

In this webinar our presenters will walk you through what you will need to consider, create and resource in order to build a professional online presence that expresses who you are and supports your business success.

Early Stage Planning

  • Define the purpose of your website / needs assessment
  • Lock down your domains and accounts
  • Build user/buyer personas
  • Do your competitor research
  • Goal setting for success
  • Work through your core branding, tone, messaging

Nailing the Foundations:

  • Identify website features: must-haves vs. good to have
  • Create a content inventory and sitemap
  • Plan your marketing integrations (Analytics, Hubspot, etc.)
  • Address mobile and accessibility
  • Define a SEO strategy

Doing the Work: Writing, Design, Website Development

  • DIY vs. Outsourcing: what can you do and what should you do?
  • DIY considerations: choosing a CMS or site builder; content writing; quality visuals; upkeep
  • Professional considerations: budgeting your build; sourcing and vetting professional help; determining the right platform; ongoing maintenance

Pre-Launch Considerations

  • Website security
  • Website QA
  • Launch checklist
  • Bonus tips: gotchas to watch out for during the process – hidden costs; scalability; ownership; privacy concerns & more


Julianna Horvat, Marketing Manager, Webnames.ca

Karthik Balachander, Marketing Manager, Webnames.ca