September 15, 2021

Instagram is a powerful tool – but only if you know to leverage its tools to your advantage.

Join in to learn more about Instagram Stories, Reels, Live Videos, and IGTV. And how to use these features to increase the performance and engagement of your content.

  • Determine if Instagram is the right platform for your business.
  • Learn about the different facets of Instagram.
  • Determine which Instagram feature aligns with your marketing goals and how to take advantage of them.

Nicole McDonald, Nine10 Inc. joined the nine10 fold in 2021 in the role of Manager of Education & Marketing. She brings over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, specifically in digital media, website development, SEO, and content writing.

From 2002 to 2017, Nicole owned and operated the website development firm, working with over 300 clients to develop websites and provide training on website content maintenance. With work experience in business to consumer, business to business, government and non-profit, Nicole brings diverse knowledge to share with nine10 students.

A teacher by nature Nicole wrote as a freelance writer for a technology-made simple website providing easy-to-follow how-to articles and technology explainers anyone can understand. Beyond teaching, she is also a lifelong student constantly embracing new opportunities to expand her knowledge with courses in adult education, communications, digital media, video editing, design, and technology.

Nicole provides training and guidance to students through live training, content development, and marketing initiatives in her day-to-day activities.