May 21, 2020

Join us for a panel event focused on Recovering from the pandemic and overcoming adversity as you re-open your doors for business.

Are you looking ahead to the next steps after this pandemic? Recover and overcoming adversity are going to be key topics we hear time and time again from clients and business owners who are preparing for what is next as they face the post-covid world with their business.

Our panelists of Business Link experts includes:

Mark Shields – External Business Strategist
Yoyin Famulisi – Director of Small Business Strategists
Shay Bachelet – Director of Marketing and Communications
Holly Ajecoutay – Director of Indigenous Services
Kari Morton – Director of Business Support Services
Topics for this panel will include:

Looking ahead – How to open your doors again
Connecting to your Value Proposition
Who was your target market and now who is your target market