June 25, 2020

During difficult times, there are additional matters to consider when starting a business. Learn how to get the fundamentals right from the start, along with tips to thrive during and post COVID-19.

  • What industries are most resilient during COVID-19?
  • What business structure fits my business today, in one month and in six months?
  • Communication strategies with your new customers
  • Framework for Understanding What’s Changed & How to Adapt
  • Online tools to get you going quickly and affordably
  • Promotions & offers provided by different online tools for small businesses
  • Plus much more.

Facilitated by: Derek Hopfner, Founded

Derek Hopfner is the co-founder of Founded, a leading legal automation platform used by 1000+ businesses, law firms and large enterprises. Founded automates legal work, including incorporations, legal documents, and ongoing compliance, providing a fast, intuitive and collaborative experience. Previously, Derek was a business lawyer in Edmonton and held director positions in several non-profit organizations.