August 13, 2020

Has the world of technology always intimidated you? Are you looking for new ways to integrate technology into your small business to give yourself an edge? Join us for this online panel featuring how to give yourself the technological edge you have been searching for.

With this panel, we will answer your questions on how to incorporate technology in your growing business and how to use the online world to give you business an edge. Participants will gain a better understanding of basic technology to support small business, how to build your own online presence as well as have the opportunity to connect with our panel of experts with your burning technology questions.

Panelists include:

Robert Tyndale CEO from VersionMe media and board member of The Federation of Black Canadians
Ismail Attitalla, Owner, Alberta Craft Tours and President of Aircrew Express
Hussam Tungekar, Alberta Team Lead, Futurpreneur
Jeanel Alvarado, CEO & Founder, RetailBoss

Audrey Allotey, Business Link Small Business Strategist