November 12, 2020

Join Kim Orlesky for part two in this 4-part Webinar Series!

Part 3: The Prospect Agreed to Meet! Now What?

Don’t get caught in the trap of preparing a presentation, demo, or solution for the client in the first meeting. This process takes time and still a lot of research and information discovery. Know what the best questions to ask, how to build more value, and ultimately set yourself up to close the deal that will now make you an official business.

Learn how other startups prepared for their meetings and BEAT OUT competitors with years of experience, just by taking the techniques from this presentation and preparing better meetings, and deals for them.

This is Part Three of a four-part webinar series hosted specifically for Business Link on how to get your business off the ground, and generating revenue in the first 30 days. Using personal examples of how other businesses were able to start, and achieve explosive growth in their first year, you’re not going to want to miss any of this.