November 26, 2020

Join Kim Orlesky for part two in this 4-part Webinar Series!

Part 4: Preparing Your First Solution (and Price)!

But what does it cost? The scariest phrase we will hear from our first client unless you know how to build the value the right way from the beginning. Learn how the most successful businesses were able to “sell it first and create it later” and ultimately use this nimbleness to become even stronger companies. Learn why the pricing is less dependent on how much time it will take you to solve the problem and more about what the solution will mean to the client.

Finally we will cover how some companies are able to get 10x the revenue for the same solution, and how your company will become positioned as a premium-priced provider.

This is the Last Part of a four-part webinar series hosted specifically for Business Link on how to get your business off the ground, and generating revenue in the first 30 days. Using personal examples of how other businesses were able to start and achieve explosive growth in their first year, you’re not going to want to miss any of this.