Overcoming Challenges as an Immigrant Entrepreneur in Alberta

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Let it be said right away, entrepreneurship is difficult for everyone whether you are an immigrant or not. However, it is fair to say that it is even harder for immigrant entrepreneurs as they face specific challenges in addition to those shared with Albertan-born entrepreneurs.

16 Social Media Basics for Small Business

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Own a small business in Alberta? You've probably been told that your business, no matter how small it is, needs to be online. You've been told to "go where the people are" and to "align your content to your website's SEO." Maybe you've been told that all the teens are on Snapchat and that Facebook is dead.

Don't let your stu(m)bbles get in the way of your dreams!

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“This project is a make or break for me—all or nothing.”
It’s through this poignant statement that Samar Anjum conveys his resolve for his new business venture. Samar is one of those people whose commitment, determination and tenacity know no bounds; nothing will stop him from achieving his dreams. It is these qualities which are the hallmark of a true entrepreneur.

Get Lean: Creating Efficient & Effective Processes for your Small Businesses

Category: Operations

Lean is a way of thinking and being that applies to any organization interested in being efficient and effective in their operations. The lean tools and methods are designed to maximize customer value and eliminate waste—in any process. In the context of lean, processes are viewed as value streams and eliminating waste creates efficient and effective processes that flow with less human effort, less capital investment, fewer defects, and at a significantly reduced cost relative to traditional processing methods. What small business isn’t interested in those outcomes?

6 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Online Accounting Software

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Accounting is known as the universal language of business for a reason—without it, no company on earth would stay afloat for long.
Some small companies, especially those just getting off the ground, see accounting more as an afterthought, something to be implemented once business picks up and there's a reason to start tracking revenue and expenses. However, this can be a grave mistake; no matter how much you're spending or making, knowing the ins and outs of your finances is a critical element to success.

Hip, Hip, Hooray: A Physiotherapy Success Story

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20 years ago, Jones graduated from physical therapy school in Nigeria and has been working in the industry ever since. When he moved to Canada in 2005, he began working at a clinic in Fort McMurray before moving to Calgary a few years later. In 2012, he branched out on his own and started Stargate Physical Therapy Inc., which offers physical therapy, medical rehabilitation, and other specialty services.

Dealing with Deposits

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Although landlords often ask for security deposits on commercial leases, such deposits aren’t legally required. In fact, you can often negotiate them. Unfortunately, too many business owners don’t know that and willingly pay the deposit, without negotiating the amount or the terms. Your goal as a tenant is to pay as little deposit as possible—no deposit at all is best. Deposit money, which generally doesn’t earn a penny in interest, can better serve as working capital for your business rather than security for your landlord.

Finding Software and Services in the Age of AI

Category: Innovation Operations

Every business needs to consider themselves—at least partly—a technology business. If your company isn’t leveraging technology, you risk losing valuable business to competitors who are. Finding solutions for business challenges has become harder now that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to affect how we work. This challenge may seem ironic—technology is meant to make life easier—but unlimited options can increase the difficulty of making informed decisions.

Nonprofit Myths: BUSTED!

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Despite the fact that nonprofit organizations have been part of our daily lives, directly or indirectly, for a very long time, there are still many myths and misconceptions about who they are and what they do.
Unfortunately, these misconceptions have a negative impact on the public's conception of governance, the recruitment of volunteers and staff, the use of funds, the expected results, and ultimately the success of these organizations.