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Our team of small business strategists are here to give you clarity and confidence on your entrepreneurial journey. Read through our frequently asked questions for answers to our most asked questions.

We help businesses at any stage! Whether you’re just starting to work out the details of your business idea, or have an established business and need help with taking the next step, we can help. If we don’t have the answer to your question, we can connect you with someone that does.

Our small business strategists are trained to help you navigate the world of small business in Alberta. We have many resources available to support you with your small business, including:

Business Link doesn’t provide business registration services. You will need to go to a registry office to fill out the required paperwork, visit your lawyer, or find a digital service provider. Learn more about registering your business here.

Alberta has partnered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to provide federal business numbers for new businesses registered within the province. This includes corporations, non-profit organizations, and unincorporated businesses such as sole proprietorships and partnerships. After registering your business at a registry, you will receive an email containing your 9-digit Business Number.

Additionally, if your business is currently registered, you can obtain a BN online through Business Registration Online.

Business Link does not write business plans, but we can help you write yours!  We have an amazing tool, our Interactive Business Plan Builder to help guide you through the entire process. We also have some great information that can help you learn more about business plans.  We can also provide support with secondary market research and review your business plan when you’re done.

We do not provide financing or funding. However, we can provide you with resources and options available to you. The Government of Canada has a complete resource directory detailing many of the available programs to assist small businesses with their financing needs:  


Yes, it is similar. If you are an independent contractor, you are self-employed, and you are a business. Many people become self-employed as independent contractors when they are hired to perform specific tasks for a company that does not wish to place them on payroll as an employee. Instead, you are paid as either a sole proprietor or incorporated company and you become responsible for remitting your own taxes and tracking your own expenses. To learn more about independent contracting/self-employment visit our page on structuring and registering your business.

In addition to the general programming provided by Business Link, our team is committed to supporting Immigrant entrepreneurs and Indigenous entrepreneurs with programming specific to their needs.

You can learn more about our immigrant business services here.

You can learn more about our Indigenous Business services here.

We are here to provide support at any stage of business and can help you with marketing resources and strategies to reach out to your audience, but we do not find clients for you.


There is no membership required to use Business Link offerings. Business Link small business strategists are available to entrepreneurs across Alberta.

We’ve been supporting Alberta’s aspiring and established small business owners since 1996.

Our team of experts are here to provide personalized support as you start and run your business in Alberta. Reach out to us today to get the expertise you need to help your business thrive.

We are a non-profit organization. Our core services are provided in partnership with Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairieCan), a federal agency within the Innovation, Science and Economic Development department and provincially by the ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation.

Looking for personalized support?

Our team of in-house small business experts are here to help you navigate your unique entrepreneurial journey with free one-on-one advice. We can help you:

  • Understand and navigate the startup process including regulations and licensing
  • Explore strategies to successfully run and grow your existing business
  • Learn about your financing options, marketing and sales strategies, HR, and more
  • Get connected with the most relevant resources and support in the business community
  • Review and update your business plan


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