Peerpreneur Sessions

Are you tired of feeling like you’re on your own when it comes to running your business? Peerpreneur is here to help.

This free 4-week program is designed to connect established entrepreneurs in Alberta in a virtual group setting where you can share your business challenges, brainstorm solutions, and learn from one another’s experiences.

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Why should entrepreneurs participate?

  • Bounce ideas off other like-minded business owners.
  • Share best practices and gain useful tips for success.
  • Build a strong support network with other business owners.
  • Create a path forward for your business with your own defined goals.

By committing to all 4 virtual group discussions, engaging with your fellow entrepreneurs, and agreeing to the terms of our social contract, you’ll gain access to a network of accomplished and established entrepreneurs, just like you.

Who is this program for?

If you’re an existing small business owner in Alberta who’s looking for community, accountability, and fresh perspectives on your business, then Peerpreneur is just the ticket. Our Peerpreneur Sessions offer two different cohorts, one of which is designed exclusively for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to connect with other remarkable Alberta entrepreneurs, sign up for Peerpreneur Sessions today.

Please note: Peerpreneur is designed for already established Alberta businesses.

However, for those budding entrepreneurs who are in the ideation phase of their business, you can use other Business Link resources, such as our Interactive Business Plan Builder.

Peerpreneur Sessions

Eligibility criteria:

  • Participants must be an existing small business owner in Alberta
  • Be willing to commit to all 4 virtual group discussions
  • Be willing to engage and interact with other entrepreneurs and share about their business
  • Agree to the terms of the social contract which outlines the rules of engagement

Important dates:

  • Peerpreneur Sessions will run for the month of June 2023. Deadline to apply is May 28, 2023.
  • Groups will meet weekly for 4 consecutive weeks. Participants can choose only one group they are interested in joining.

Applications for Peerpreneur Sessions are now open!

Applications for Peerpreneur Sessions are currently closed.

If you have more questions regarding our Peerpreneur Sessions, connect with our Business Strategists.

Applications for Peerpreneur Sessions will open on August 3, 2023 and will close August 25, 2023.


No. The Peerpreneur sessions are free of cost to participants.

Business owners who currently run a small business in Alberta and who would like to build their network of support, share best practices and gain useful tips for success, and to brainstorm solutions to existing business challenges.

There will be a total of four 90 minute weekly video sessions (for a total of 6 hours), plus the opportunity for additional time for discussions online. Outside of scheduled sessions, participating business owners may require additional time to complete self-directed goals and objectives.

There are no formal consequences for dropping out of the program, however, we ask that only those who are serious and able to commit to all sessions apply.

Unfortunately, this may not be possible.

You should only share what you are comfortable with. All sessions will be moderated by a Business Link Small Business Strategist who will work diligently to ensure that the sessions are a safe and confidential place for participants to share their business ideas and challenges.

Each session will be facilitated by a Business Link Small Business Strategist. Our Strategists have extensive experience supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs and many of them are or have been entrepreneurs themselves!

The sessions will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams video chat so you can attend from anywhere, as long as you have a sufficient internet connection.

Each group will consist of approximately 5-10 small business owners. The cohorts will remain the same throughout the duration of the program.

Yes you can. However, preference may be given to new applicants.

It depends on the type and quantity of applications received. Cohorts are often based around common themes between applicants. Acceptance is not guaranteed and we often receive high levels of interest.