While Mental Health Awareness Month may be over, mental health continues to be important all year long. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are under a lot of pressure to keep your business running smoothly and ensure everything is going well. This can feel stressful and overwhelming and can have a negative impact on your mental health if not managed properly. It’s important to press pause occasionally and do a quick assessment of your mental health resilience.

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Just like you might assess and audit your business KPIs or sales outcomes, we can do the same for our own mental resilience. As a business founder or entrepreneur, you are your business’s #1 asset. Taking care of your mental health means taking care of your business.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself as part of a “Resilience Audit:

Just like in other areas of life and business, the more concrete and specific your answers are, the more helpful

  1. How do I know when I’m feeling really grounded and healthy?
  2. Who’s my support team?
  3. How do I support the people around me?
  4. What are my warning signs that stress is high?
  5. What things help me deal with stress in the moment?
  6. After a long sprint of busy or extended stress, how do I recover?
  7. What things help me feel connected to myself?
  8. What things help me feel connected to the world around me?
  9. What are some things I know about myself that are helpful to be aware of, or that I might be working on?
  10. What are some of my strengths that help me be resilient?

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Now you have a list of important information, tools, and resources to support the mental wellness you’ve had all along! You can also see different areas that might be really strong, and some areas that might need some attention.

If you had a hard time answering any of these questions – that’s ok too. All of these things are resources and skills we can build over time. The whole point of an audit is to help us be aware of what resources we have at our disposal and better understand where we might want to build.

Is there an area you want to develop, or perhaps strengthen support for your business team, but aren’t sure where to start? At Collectively Tangled supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups to build stronger mental health is what we do. Reach out for a free consult call, and let’s chat!

Keara Gillis, MSW, RSW

Co-founder & Counsellor, Collectively Tangled

Sarah Mateshaytis, MSW, RSW

Co-founder & Counsellor, Collectively Tangled

Collectively Tangled is a social enterprise that provides mental health services, education, and consulting to the startup and innovation sector. We’re a Calgary-born company founded by social workers. We’re systems-oriented, outcomes-driven, and here to shake things up.

We work with entrepreneurs, startup employees, and small businesses, as well as innovation hubs, incubators, and organizations supporting startup growth and development. We offer mental health counselling, workshops, and consulting that focus on both prevention and intervention.

Some of our services include

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Individual, couple, and family counselling services for entrepreneurs and folks working in the startup and innovation space.

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