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Liam Mojique Legault is a true Artrepreneur: an artist with serious business savvy. Liam came up with the idea for Cult Luxury while travelling, and when he returned to his home in Fort McMurray, began creating silk scarves and bandanas with a mission to fuse fine art and fine fabric.

Cult Luxury is a travel-inspired brand for the luxury retail customer. Fine silk fabric combined with beautifully chaotic art adds life to any outfit. This product is for the person who values craftsmanship and quality in their accessories. Not for the faint of wallet, Cult Luxury speaks to a clientele with a higher than average disposable income and willingness to put their money where their lapel is. 

Liam does not shy away from the hard work of having his own business. He knew it would be hard, but dove in feet first, spending many hours researching a target market for his high-end luxury line. He has taken on every role of the business and learned what he could to set Cult Luxury up for success. Liam has been working with Business Link on the continual fine-tuning of his business plan to accurately reflect his vision for Cult Luxury. He knows the importance of the business plan and treats it as a map for his business.

Like many artists, Liam’s emotions are strongly tied to his work. Consequently, he finds that a major challenge of being an Artrepreneur is to separate all the emotion that goes into the art from the business. He has had struggles with his business as entrepreneurs do, notably the fight of believing in himself. He says it is hard to “believe that the strategies I built will work.” Liam has put a lot of his own resources into building brand awareness for his business. Building a luxury brand takes a lot of time and effort, and Liam is in it for the long haul. 

“There is risk in what we do as Entrepreneurs, but accepting those risks are what pushes you forward.”

Recently, he secured placement and attended DC Swim Week in Miami—making connections and building his portfolio of marketing materials with fashion influencers and key players. The hustle is real in the luxury fashion business and Liam’s hustle is non-stop. From his Miami game, he has secured both retail space and an invitation to New York Fashion Week!

Not a small-town boy (actually originally from Vancouver), Liam is on his way to building big things for his online brand and is moving into the retail business. We are seeing great things come out of this Artrepreneur and I personally can’t wait to see what opportunities come up next.

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Jennifer Warren

Jennifer comes to the BL team with a background in marketing, start-up planning, and event coordination. Her diverse background specifically within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) includes business development, Indigenous and rural relations, policy development, grant and business writing, and workforce development. Jenn is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to get business started or growing and hearing new business ideas. She enjoys guiding clients and offering support in the areas they need.

Jenn grew up in Edmonton but loves living in the RMWB now. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga, try new things (will try almost anything once!), travel, and watch Netflix while she cleans. When visiting family and friends in Edmonton Jenn loves trying new restaurants, so make sure to let her know if you open one!