Our Business Link team has put together a gift-giving guide, just in time for the holiday season! Check those items off your holiday list, or use this as a reference when shopping locally across Alberta year-round.

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Glass Bookshop Business Link Client

Located in Edmonton, Glass Bookshop is a bookshop that focuses on Canadian writing with special attention paid to LGBTQ2SIA and IBPOC writers, as well as the independent publishers who help to produce their work. You can shop online and get free delivery to Edmonton, St. Albert, or Sherwood Park. 

They recently started a podcast, Glass Bookshop Radio. Make sure to shop their store early for the holiday season! — Kari Morton, Director, Business Support Services

Glass Bookshop

Herbologie Business Link Client

Herbologie primarily sells traceable spices, imported and Canadian, prioritizing transparency, fresh ingredients and flavour. They make it easy to complement your daily routine with functional spices and botanicals, and simple-to-use culinary blends to everyday foods.

I absolutely love their Smoked Pimenton Paprika and Silk Chili! They send refills so you can reuse their beautiful glass jars. Aga from Herbologie is one of the geniuses behind Good Goods Co., a collective of local makers and producers in Edmonton! — Shay Bachelet, Director, Marketing & Communications

Clo’s General Leather Co Business Link Client

Clo’s General Leather Co sell quality handmade leather goods, located just off Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. The name of the brand comes from founder Kyle Closen’s last name and was inspired by his family’s upholstery shop back home in Saskatchewan “Closen’s Upholstery” in the 1980s.

They have a great selection of various leather products, both small and larger products. — David Bayda, Small Business Strategist

Clo's General Leather Co
Simpatico Makers

Simpatico Makers Business Link Client

Simpatico Makers sells multi-use wraps made from 100% cotton and beeswax and nothing else. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and are pre-rolled so you have the flexibility to choose how much you would like to use at a time.

The medium size beeswax wraps are perfect for what I need. They are also now making masks in fun patterns and colours  — Shay Bachelet, Director, Marketing & Communications

Art of Charcuterie Business Link Client

Art of Charcuterie is an exciting food experience offering locally sourced, high-quality meats, cheeses, and delicate confections that are uniquely designed and put together into masterfully crafted works of art—everything from elaborate event displays to individual box delivery. They’ve recently collaborated with another amazing local food artisan, Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market, and share space in the heart of Edmonton’s 124th Street area. Founder Diana Harrison is on the preferred caterer list of some of Edmonton’s top venues!

Art of Charcuterie

I met Diana on one of her first visits to Business Link to chat all things events and food. She provided us with an amazing charcuterie display for an event last year! — Joette Forcier, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Their custom curated Charcuterie Boxes are the perfect take-away size for small families to share an amazing meal at home. Pick-up or Delivery! — David Bayda, Small Business Strategist


Unbelts Business Link Client

Founder Claire Theaker-Brown is passionate about building an ethical apparel industry. Unbelts are equitably made and designed for longevity to help reduce their environmental impact; one belt to help you feel great in your jeans! At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, they also pivoted to making and selling face masks.

I love my Unbelt and masks. When I first met Claire at “A Pursuit of Fair Fashion” event where she was a panelist in September 2018, we connected and I purchased my first unbelt from her on the spot! — Joette Forcier, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Pandesun Bakery Business Link Client

Carol Sun turned to entrepreneurship this spring, transitioning a baking pastime shared with her mom into a business, Pandesun Bakery. Located in Calgary, she sells traditional bread rolls from around the world, specializing in Pandesal rolls from the Philippines, and some other treats!

I have tasted many of the items on offer but would have to say the cinnamon pandesals are my overall favourite. I do plan to stock up on Carol’s baking this Christmas, and if it turns out we can’t have company I’ll simply have to up my own quota! — Mark Shields, Small Business Strategist

Pandesun Bakery
Genuine Gestures

Genuine Gestures Business Link Client

Genuine Gestures is an online gift shop with many handmade items including beautiful, all-natural cold process soap, handmade rustic signs, porch signs, and gift baskets for all occasions. Creator and Business Link client, Brandi Gomon, is a true believer in the art of giving and embraces a natural earthy style with all of the gifts, and items are all handmade or locally sourced.

What a great way to show a genuine gesture to a friend, family or colleague. — Audrey Allotey, Team Lead, Small Business Strategists

Giselle Denis Fine Artist

Giselle Denis is an artist from Sherwood Park and is the performance painter at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Canada and the Raffles Hotel in Dubai. She has been part of the art scene for more than 20 years, painting nature in bright bold colours, with a warmth and joy that you can’t help but feel happy when you look at it.

For the holiday season, she has gift cards of $50+ that are also a mini 5×7 painting for the recipient to keep! I recently purchased some of her artwork (attached photo) — Kari Morton, Director, Business Support Services

Giselle Denis
Soup Du Jar

Soup du Jar Business Link Client

Based out of Lloydminster, Soup Du Jar makes soups in small batches using quality ingredients to bring out the best possible flavors. Packaged in a BPA free boil-in-bag, soups are frozen to eliminate the need for preservatives and are not only convenient but nutritious. Soups are made with local ingredients whenever possible, Canadian grown produce is always their first choice.

I love the idea of quick grab frozen soups, and the packaging is great! — Audrey Allotey, Team Lead, Small Business Strategists

Carla Lehman Photography Business Link Client

Carla Lehman is a photographer based out of Camrose. Carla puts her whole heart into shooting photography. She is a visual storyteller who believes strongly in capturing the essence of life’s moments. She can’t wait to tell stories of love – whether it’s people, weddings, pets, or families. You can purchase gift voucher sets for a full or pocket-sized session!

Carla Lehman Photography
The Columbian Coffee & Roastery

The Colombian Coffee & Roastery Business Link Client

Located in Edmonton, The Colombian Coffee & Roastery offers sustainable and traceable coffee. Founders Santiago and Kristin discovered their passion in Santiago’s birthplace of Colombia on the family coffee farm, “Finca Santa Rita”. The roastery launched in 2017 at local farmers’ markets and expanded in 2018 into a full-service coffee shop with a roastery on site.

This is, in my humble opinion, the best coffee shop in Edmonton. I always have a bag of their beans on hand and I brew a cup in my french press every morning. They even offer coffee subscriptions! Nothing beats a fresh oat milk latte, though. I love their space and the staff are always so knowledgeable and make excellent recommendations when I want to change it up. — Sarah Parrotta, Marketing Coordinator

Sewa Skincare

Our very own Yoyin Familusi, Director, Small Business Strategists, has recently launched a skincare line inspired by African heritage and intelligence. After deciding to follow her mother’s tradition and formulating skincare for her daughters using her recipes, Sewa Skincare was born. Sewa pronounced (share wa), means to “make beautiful” in the native tongue of the Yoruba people of West Africa. The word is made up of two words, “Se” meaning to make, and “ewa” meaning beauty. When combined they come together to “make beautiful”.

Use code BLHGGB to receive a discount when you shop online!

Sewa has the most luxurious body butter. I love how it just perfectly absorbs into dry winter Alberta skin. I also can’t say enough about the black soap, my skin is softer than ever and I definitely notice a difference in the small bumps I have had on my arms since I was a kid. The creator is pretty incredible, too. — Kari MacDonald, Marketing Coordinator

Sewa Skincare

Nimo Play Business Link Client

NimoPlay is a Canadian company, created in Calgary to serve parents and children with a new concept of playspaces. NimoPlay designs and produces playspaces, “Made in Canada”, for the world. They make unique handmade goods, focusing on safety standards, uniqueness and durability, without sacrificing joy, imagination, and simplicity.

Torill’s Table Business Link Client

Founder Torill Myre spent years perfecting her initial product, a waffle mixture for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or any time of day. Based on a traditional Norwegian recipe, Torill has developed her waffle mix to be both delicious, and healthy – made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, flaxseed meal, and ground almonds, Torill’s Table waffles are definitely a comfort food with real health benefits.

It is so easy to use and makes the tastiest Norwegian waffles. I love the Norwegian style waffles – they are thinner and a bit crispier than Belgian waffles. Such a good gift or stocking stuffer!— Kari MacDonald, Marketing Coordinator

Torill's Table
LiiT Care

Liit Connect Business Link Client

LiiT Care Connect provides access to a large community of childcare providers and tutors ready to offer their service both in-person and virtually. Founder and Business Link client, Lulu Mashonganyika, has recently launched LiiT Mall, and online shop designed to uplift independent crafters, creators, and at home businesses. You can shop for the little ones in your life by browsing their local community of vendors and creators!

Lulu is so passionate about helping busy moms make life easier, and her marketplace makes it so easy to shop safely from home — Audrey Allotey, Team Lead, Small Business Strategists

Adoniaa Beauty Inc Business Link Client

Adoniaa Beauty is a heart-centered Calgary beauty company founded on four fundamental pillars: uplift, validate, equip and inspire women to be their best version at every stage of their lives. Project Unmask, their commitment to supporting non-profit organizations, donates a portion of proceeds from lipsticks to organizations that support girls and women to end the cycle of abuse and poverty.

Adoniaa Beauty
My Petite Box

My Petite Box Business Link Client

A big fan of subscription boxes, Business Link client Mathilde Dernier wanted to create a different concept to show how much she loved her city of Calgary. In 2017 she launched My Petite Box, a monthly gift box subscription service that introduces you to a new maker per month, designing exclusive boxes with them to surprise you with unique, beautiful, and locally made products with every box!

Rosy Farms Business Link Client

Rosy Farms is a farm and orchard dedicated to growing haskap berries northwest of Edmonton in rural Alberta. If you haven’t heard of haskaps before, they are quickly becoming North America’s newest super fruit. They are chock full of antioxidants and taste like a mix between blueberries and raspberries. Owner Andrew Rosychuk started growing haskaps on the family farm in 2005, and in 2016 planted his first haskap orchard—which included over 10,000 bushes! Not only do they use organic practices, but they use advanced farming techniques to treat the soil like a complex organism, rather than “fertilizer in, food out.

During the winter months, you can purchase frozen haskaps! Perfect for baking, smoothies, jams, and other desserts. — David Bayda, Small Business Strategist

Rosy Farms
Nai Nai Mie

Nai Nai Mie

Marketer turned foodpreneur, Catherine Lee-Hannley founded Nai Nai Mie: handcrafted noodle meal kits inspired by a secret family recipe passed down through three generations. Noodle Kits are delivered frozen, and ready to use when you’re ready to cook!

Founder Catherine is a past volunteer expert at Business Link! — Barry Yewchuk, Market Research Coordinator

Liz and Lottie

Liz and Lottie is a lifestyle and gift boutique that sells globally sourced, creative gifts, and simple styles in Calgary. They sell everything from gifts to home decor, apparel, greeting cards and so much more.

I love their greeting cards, and if you buy 5 you get the 6th free. They are funny and witty and such a fun addition to your gifting. They also have great holiday cocktail napkins. The owners, Heidi and Nikki, are so personable and funny. I think they are some of the best Instagram creators in the small business game. — Kari MacDonald, Marketing Coordinator

Liz and Lottie
Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey Business Link Client

As an avid “backyard beekeeper” in urban Calgary, Aja Horsley’s honey came from backyards and small plots around the city that she harvested and cared for herself. After noticing a huge gap in the market for a beautiful brand that showcased the unique qualities of REAL raw honey while also being bee-friendly and 100% in support of Canadian beekeepers, Drizzle Honey was born.

I can’t say enough about Drizzle; the packaging, the branding, the honey, it’s all so wonderful and luxurious. Tan France himself said that it had become a staple item in his morning routine, so if the two of us can’t convince you, I’m not sure that anyone could. — Sarah Parrotta, Marketing Coordinator

Bubbles and Bliss Business Link Client

Bubbles & Bliss Soap Co is a natural Bath and Body shop. Everything is handmade in Edmonton, Alberta using either essential oils or fragrance oils that are phthalate & paraben-free. Soaps are made in small batches using a cold process method, which helps the ingredients retain most, if not all, of their therapeutic properties. The soaps are all handcrafted making them all unique; no two bars are exactly alike.

This business was started by a wonderful mother and daughter duo! I love the variety in their soaps, beautiful colors, and the packaging. — Audrey Allotey, Team Lead, Small Business Strategists

Bubbles & Bliss
Warrior Label

Warrior Label Business Link Client

Warrior Label is a brand of apparel designed to acknowledge, honor and celebrate all warriors, no matter where they are at in their journey. From choosing a fabric that warms and envelops the body, to creating designs that resonate with those who are warrior-ing on through their struggle, compassion, care, and acknowledgment are infused in every part of their brand.

Change Toothpaste Business Link Client

Change Toothpaste manufactures, distributes, and sells zero-waste toothpaste tablets. Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince, co-founders, set out to create an innovative product that offers a zero-waste option to the classic toothpaste tube after being inspired by Mike’s sixteen-year-old daughter, who wanted to make their family’s home as close to zero-waste as possible.

I love the idea of “just like paste without the waste”. Damien and Mike have attended several Business Link events and they are always so excited to connect and share their product! — Joette Forcier, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Change Toothpaste
Bulk Buy Wholesale

Bulk Buy Wholesale Business Link Client

Bulk Buy Wholesale started in the summer of 2016, when the managing partners saw a huge need within the African community for affordable fresh farm produce. Bulk Buy prides itself as the first African Caribbean retail store in Western Canada to provide the most affordable and wholesale fresh produce, poultry, meat, halal products, and highest quality African groceries delivered to the door-steps of customers.