Client Story: Mighty Micks

Clients: Marc Pearson

Business Name: Mighty Mick’s Cleaning Co.

Launched in: January 2023

Social media accounts:

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Getting Started

Mighty Mick’s Cleaning Co. was founded by Marc Pearson based on his desire to work with people and provide a service that truly makes a difference. He credits both his business partners, as well as his network of family and friends to help build the company’s brand, provide word-of-mouth referrals, and generate ongoing business feedback. Today, the company provides professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services for residential properties and small commercial buildings, serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and surrounding areas.

“What was once a university summer job manifested into a business that I realized is scalable, recurring, and satisfying. I started this business because I enjoy working with people, being a leader, making a difference for others, and developing a brand.”

The Journey

Marc came to Business Link in December 2022 in search of budget-friendly professional guidance and business advice to help with every stage of business development.

“Business Link has provided incredible support by way of online tools, videos, resources, and one-on-one support. I worked with David Bayda and he was fantastic throughout the process. I was also paired with a business student from the University of Alberta who created some digital marketing guides for me through the Digital Economy Program.”

The Highs

“My biggest success is the fact that I’m still here building a business through resiliency and determination in the face of adversity, despite numerous setbacks and struggles with mental health over the years. I am  proud of my diversity; earning two degrees, writing an autobiography, working as a fitness trainer, producing three albums as a professional musician (stage name: Wesley Keys ), and now a business owner.”

The Lows

Like many business owners, one of the challenges Marc has encountered is finding work/life balance. Since starting your own business can be time consuming and owners are faced with challenges unique to their situations, it is important to remember to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

“Expect setbacks and difficult times. We understand this in principle, but it’s hard to explain until you experience it and wish your unique problems didn’t exist. The more receptive we are to the fact that sometimes things will be difficult, the more prepared we will be to deal with it. It is imperative that you keep moving forward – it will be worth it.”

The Wisdom Gained

“Life is short – live it to its fullest! Find a creative outlet, develop a sense of greater perspective, and lean on those who love you to get you through the hard times. I wouldn’t be here without my family, friends, Lisa, and everybody else who supported me. It truly takes a village.”

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