ATB and Business Link: Working Together to Make Alberta’s Entrepreneurs Thrive!

Entrepreneurs are the economic drivers of this province. They are job creators, risk-takers, innovators, and often make up the heart and soul of the communities we live in. But being an entrepreneur is not as easy as some may think. The journey of an entrepreneur is marked by moments of exhilaration, but often followed by feelings of loneliness and isolation, and can be trying both personally and professionally.  

So how can we support these amazing entrepreneurs who are forging the way to help inspire and drive our province? We believe this is possible by making entrepreneurs feel supported by giving them the proper tools, and advice available to help them bring these ideas to life, and ultimately thrive!

ATB has recently opened two centres designed specifically to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in our province. The centres are here to help entrepreneurs manage through the uncertainty, and support those who are fiercely passionate about their ideas.

Answering Your Questions with One-On-One Support

Together, ATB and Business Link are partnering by hosting office hours at the two new ATB Entrepreneur Centres in Calgary and Edmonton. Need help with your business plan or understanding the steps in setting up your business? Business Link staff will be available at the centre to answer all your startup questions. We’re excited to be offering this personal one-on-one service to our clients and to have the amazing team at Business Link support entrepreneurs at our centres!

Join Business Link at the Entrepreneur Centres and watch for a Pop-Up near you to get the answers you need to help your business thrive!

Business Link and ATB Financial work together to help entrepreneurs reach success. Visit ATB Financial online today!

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