Linda Posada

Funding Administrator, Canada Digital Adoption Program

Originally from Colombia, Linda moved to Canada in 2019 in search of fresh opportunities. With an Associate Degree in Software Development, she quickly dove into the realm of digital marketing. Along her journey, she taught herself the ins and outs of website development and optimization, graphic design, and content marketing.

Starting her journey as an E-Commerce Advisor with the Canada Digital Adoption Program, Linda used her knowledge to guide small businesses through the complexities of online sales and digital marketing. Now, as a Funding Administrator, she helps Alberta small business owners and entrepreneurs with their grant spending, suggests digital marketing strategies, and introduces new technologies to help them grow their business. Her teamwork and creative spirit bring energy to her colleagues everyday.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys gaming, exploring new culinary delights, and mastering her marketing skills all while grooving to the beats of her favourite tunes.

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