Programs for Small Businesses

Make informed business decisions with market research. Whether you’re starting a new small business or seeking growth for your existing one, market research can help optimize your business.

Canada Digital Adoption Program​

The Canada Digital Adoption Program offers a Grow Your Business Online grant, providing up to $2,400 for small businesses. This initiative helps enhance your digital marketing and expand online reach through e-commerce solutions.

Digital Economy Program​​

Take advantage of the final opportunity for free digital marketing support through our service. A Digital Service Squad member will assist in developing effective digital strategies, increasing brand awareness, and streamlining your business processes.

Business Launch Program​​

Our Business Launch Program provides tailored support for budding entrepreneurs to evaluate and develop their initial business ideas, ensuring a solid foundation for their ventures.

Mentor Program​​

Business Link’s Mentor Program in Alberta connects aspiring business owners with experienced mentors. This free mentorship fosters a supportive environment for learning and growth, guiding new entrepreneurs with valuable insights.

Peerpreneur Sessions​​

Peerpreneur offers a 4-week virtual group program for Alberta entrepreneurs to share and overcome business challenges together. This collaborative environment fosters discussion and problem-solving among peers, enhancing your entrepreneurial journey.

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