Finding and hiring employees

You might need to hire employees to keep your business operating and growing. Hiring employees is a big step—you will be responsible for them and their actions. Employees can introduce significant liability. You also have to make sure you adhere to provincial and federal employment regulations.

Alis publishes a comprehensive guide to employment rules for employers. Start there to find out everything you need to know about managing employees.

Know the Rules for Employers

How many vacation days do my employees get? How much overtime pay do I have to pay them? What statutory holidays are they entitled to? The provincial and federal governments have regulations and guidelines to make sure that employees are treated fairly.

Some industries are federally regulated, meaning employers have to follow federal government regulations. Other industries are provincially regulated. Find out if your industry is provincially or federally regulated from the Government of Canada.

Other resources include:

Find Qualified Employees

It can be difficult to attract qualified, dedicated employees to work for you. Online job boards and networking are great places to start.

Post Open Positions on Job Boards

Consider posting your open job positions on local, regional, or national job boards, such as the Government of Canada Job Bank. Alis also maintains an extensive list of Alberta and regional job banks.

Network in Your Industry

Make connections with other business owners and employees in your industry. When it comes time to hire, they might be able to help you find qualified employees or may even come and work for you themselves. Consider:

  • Attending industry events, meetups, and awards
  • Publishing in industry newsletters, magazines, or websites
  • Reaching out to local post-secondary institutions relevant to your industry
  • Connecting with individuals who share connections or interests with you on LinkedIn