Small Business Resources to Fuel Your Business Success

In small business management, there are a few key things that every entrepreneur and small business owner should know. Whether you are taking your first steps or managing your finances and marketing strategies effectively, these resources break down the basic foundation of starting and running a business.

Small Business Resources

Step-by-Step Guides for Growing Your Business

Growing your business is easier with our Startup, Marketing, and Financial Guides. These guides break down the steps in a way that’s easy to understand. They’re accessible in English, and offer selected guides available in French, Spanish, and Mandarin. 

About the Small Business Guides

Start Up

Starting a business requires you to wear many hats—leader, manager, strategist, admin guru, and financial expert. This Startup guidebook breaks down all the work ahead of you into smaller pieces and check all the boxes while you plan.


To learn all things small business financials, start here.
This set of guides include:

  • Financial Fundamentals
  • Accounting Software
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Financial Statements 101
  • Guide to Financial Terms
  • Hiring an Accountant
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Income Statement Template


Discover the marketing funnel and tactics that goes into creating and refining your marketing strategy.
This set of guides includes:

  • Marketing Guide
  • Different by Design
  • Ideal Client Worksheet
  • Marketing Channels
  • Rules for Your Website

Navigating Small Business Basics

If you’re a small business owner, it’s important to have a good grasp of basic concepts. This video series is here to guide you through these fundamentals and set you on the right path for your business. 

Business Planning
Market Research
Life as an Entrepreneur
First Steps in Business
Business Structures
Business Financing
Financial Management

Cash Flow Templates

Are you exploring funding options for your small business? Use our Cash Flow template to strengthen your funding application and help you plan and forecast your operating costs, business expenses, and revenue.