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We offer specialized support to Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs across Alberta. From startup to expansion, our resources are tailored to meet the unique needs of our Indigenous clients.

Services Available for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

  • Personal one-on-one advice and guidance
  • Informative guidebooks:
    • Indigenous Business Planning Workbook: This workbook is designed to help Indigenous entrepreneurs create a business plan. Business plans are very important tools for people starting a business—they are like road maps that outline where you want to go and give the details on how you will get there.
    • How to Become an Independent Contractor: This guide is a useful tool if you are looking to start any type of independent contractor business. At the end of each section, you will find a short list of Useful Resources.
  • Funding programs for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Connections to a network of service providers
  • Free Indigenous Entrepreneur workshops

Services Available for Indigenous Communities and Service Providers (First Nations and Métis)

  • Free small business training delivered in your community
  • Presence at your tradeshows, job fairs, and other entrepreneurial-focused events
  • Complimentary mail-outs of our small business guidebooks

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