Taking your next event from mundane to bold is possible—and it may be easier than you think! Time to break out of the old mould and make your mark with these three tips to fearless planning.

1. Make a Statement

As an organization, you have something to say. You know it, and your audience expects it, so say it! What is the worst that can happen? Yes, in making a bold statement when presenting your message you may ruffle some feathers, but you may also inspire, educate, or challenge others to look at their world in a whole new way. When planning your event, your objective is to make a statement. Developing a confident and clear message—making it strong, tangible, and authentic—is essential to stirring up the waters and engaging your audience. 

2. Surprise Your Audience!

Surprising your audience at an event can be a challenge, especially if your audience is familiar with you and your organization. Is your guest list made up of your current and loyal client base, your dedicated company employees, or invested donors that have supported your cause for decades? Be assured, a full-throttle charge isn’t necessary to wake up their senses. Adding small elements of surprise can be just as effective. Watch current trends from a variety of industries and tailor them to your event. Weave in unexpected choices in music, use bold colour combinations in your decor, highlight your theme with a theatrical presentation or funky flash mob. Surprising events are memorable ones!

3. Cause a Reaction

You’ve worked hard at making your event bold, surprising and memorable. But don’t let the opportunity for a ripple effect pass you by. Let that energy break free—beyond the walls of your venue—and let your guests do the talking. Arranging unique take-a-away experiences will ensure your message will outlast the flowers, food, and fun of the evening. A photo booth will allow your guests to reconnect with warm memories, a well thought out gift bag can be a constant reminder of your message, product or idea, or a massive media shout out after the event will assure your guests that their presence was valuable. 

When planning your next event, be bold, make it memorable, and get people talking. Trust us, it will be worth the effort.

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