Earth Day is a worldwide, annual event held on April 22 that advocates for environmental care and protection. The movement promotes education and awareness around conservation and sustainability efforts, along with communityrun programs and initiativesAs the world slowly starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been growing calls for changes to our consumption behaviors; perhaps we shouldn’t go back to “business-as-usual.” The hope is that this iour opportunity to come together and find the most innovative solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. Entrepreneurs are in a unique position to provide the leadership necessary in making some of the most impactful green decisions. These are the change-makers that the world needs 

Here are 5 simple ways that you can start adopting a more environmentally conscious mindset and incorporate eco-friendly practices into your business’s operations. No action is too small to make a differenceMany of these ideas not only make sense for the planet but can also save you time, money and elevate your brand.  

1. Minimize Travel

As more business activity idone online, there is less of a need to physically travel or commute to an office location. Remote work offers employees (and yourself) greater flexibilityan improved work-life balance, and significantly reduces time spent commuting. A reduction in the number of cars on the road and time spent idling helps the environment by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – a contributor to climate change. 

2. Purchase Green Products 

Every business needs to purchase supplies and equipment to keep its operations going. When it comes time to make decisions on which items to purchase, choose ones that are greener and more sustainable for the planet. Examples might include choosing toxin-free cleaning products or using recycled paper for printed publicationsBe sure to read the product label and research the businesses you are buying from to see how green they truly are. Taking a few small steps when purchasing for sustainability can have a bigger impact than you might think! 


3. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Most products will require some type of packaging to indicate how to use them, to display them, to protect them, and to meet labeling standards. Design creatively to minimize the amount of packaging material you are using and to help reduce the amount being disposed of in landfills. If possible, consider more recycled options when selecting your packing material. When you are shipping and transporting your product, think about the size, shape, and weight of your boxes or envelope to improve energy efficiencies and minimize wasteBusiness Link client Change Toothpaste manufactures and sells zero-waste toothpaste tablets, putting eco-friendly packaging at the forefront of their business model. 

4. Create More Green Space 

Think about adding indoor plants to your work environment. Not only will these create a more relaxing atmosphere, but many plants can improve the air quality around you helping keep you healthySome plants like snake plants, peace lilies, and spider plants, have properties that help remove contaminants and toxins from the airYou can also consider adding a compost bin to your household, which can be a rich source of nutrients and soil for your plants!  

Business Owner

5. Go Digital  

Many business owners use technology in their business, which can provide opportunities to enact more paperless options. Think about which tasks might be able to be done without printing and do some research to see which apps and software might be best for you to useConsider signing up to receive information electronically rather than via printed mail. This could include things like your bank statements, invoices, insurance, and other correspondence. 

These are just some of the easy ways that you and your business can help improve your ecological footprint and protect the environment for future generations. Be sure to explore additional ways to incorporate sustainable environmental practices into your business model, or consider becoming a member or donating to many of the environmental stewardship organizations across the globe. You can explore becoming a B Corporation Certified business or a 1% for the Planet member to hold yourself and your business accountable and take positive action towards environmental sustainability. Remember that every action counts—start small, keep it simple, and start making an impact! 

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About the author: David Bayda

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