Business Link’s monthly Client Feature allows us to highlight some of the many incredible Alberta entrepreneurs we work with, like Golnar Azimi, owner of Golnart Studio. We connected with Golnar and asked her a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey:

Q. What’s your background?

A. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and I’m currently working on my graduation exhibition at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. I’m a certified art educator, volunteered for nearly two years as an Assistant Educator at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and am currently an Exhibition Ambassador, where I assist visitors in their understanding of current exhibitions.

Q. Tell us about your business

A. I run a children’s art studio – Golnart Studio, where children are encouraged to explore themselves and the world around them through art-making. At the studio, we make art as a form of recognition, imagination, and problem-solving in an inspiring, fun environment. By creating meaningful art, my art education approach aims to improve children’s self-awareness, confidence, critical thinking and decision-making.

Q. What motivated you to start your own business?

A. My passion for sharing the joy of creating art, as well as my love for working with children, led me to open my own art studio. I believe art to be one of the richest realms of culture. It has the potential to change its practitioner and their environment, and ultimately the society in which they live.

Q. What are you most proud of? What is your biggest success?

A. I am so proud of creating an inspiring environment where all the children and their life experience, their knowledge, stories, memories, and dreams are valued. I am proud of providing the opportunity for them to explore, to be challenged, to unleash their imagination and to freely express themselves. I think I also learn so much from their fantastic imagination and wonderful creativity.

Q. What is your biggest challenge?

A. My biggest challenge was to bring my vision of an inspiring artistic environment to life and also designing lesson plans that were fun and challenging. My biggest challenge now is to keep the environment inspiring, and the projects fresh, creative, multi-aspect, fun and challenging.

Q. How has the Business Link helped you? Why did you come to us?

A. In the beginning, I almost had no knowledge about starting a business. I found the Business Link website so informative and educational, yet understandable and straightforward. People at Business Link are so friendly, patient and helpful, and they guided me in various areas and through steps of starting the business. I still return to them for any questions or help I might need. 

Q. What advice would you share with others who want to start or grow their own business?

A. I would like to say if you want to start a business, do it with something you have a great passion for; it is the passion that helps you overcome all the challenges, and keeps you going during the tough times. And if you already have a business and want to grow it, just continue believing in your ideas, keep your mind open, keep learning and be patient.  

Q. What’s coming up next for you?

A. I’m currently working on my graduation exhibition and hopefully, I will be graduated in a year. I would like to expand my classes to more times in a week and to various subjects, and hopefully collaborate with other educators who are specialized in other fields of arts.    

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