In celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we want to introduce you to meet Bukola Adedji, Founder of Empirica Inc. & The Bra Girl.

Growing up, Bukola had difficulty finding bras that fit properly, often making modifications by tacking the bra band for additional support. It was not until her late twenties, after a professional bra fitting, that she understood the importance of proper breast support.

Knowing firsthand that there was a gap in the market, Bukola began with dressmaking and quickly discovered the demand for bras that support full-busted and full-figured women. Opening her first lingerie store in February 2018, demand for her services rapidly grew. Since then, her venture has grown to incorporate education on the importance of adequate bra support and body confidence at all stages in life.

Learn more about Empirica Inc. & The Bra Girl, including how they got started, their advice to other business owners, and what’s next.

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