The Driving Force Behind Evergreen Wellness

Founded with a vision to fill a vital gap in the local wellness landscape, Evergreen Wellness was born from the passion and dedication of a multi-disciplinary team of wellness professionals. Recognizing the scarcity of comprehensive holistic services in rural Alberta, they set out to create a space where individuals could find an integrated approach to health and wellness. Committed to promoting overall well-being by offering a wide array of services under one roof, the clinic provides accessible, high-quality holistic services, such as counseling, life coaching, yoga classes, and workshops.

“Evergreen Wellness prides itself on being more than just a clinic; it is a sanctuary of healing and growth.” – Megan Logan, Founder and Counsellor

Evergreen Wellness

Teamwork Shapes Success

Founder Megan Logan credits Evergreen Wellness’ greatest achievement as being the diverse range of services made possible by its dedicated team members, including skilled counselors, experienced life coaches, talented yoga instructors, and expert workshop facilitators. With their passion and expertise, they have been able to create a comprehensive suite of offerings, catering to the unique needs of their clients. Another source of immense pride is the establishment of two thriving offices in Olds and Didsbury, which have become integral parts of their respective communities. Additionally, she is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of a third office in Sundre, further expanding their footprint to bring the benefits of holistic care to even more individuals in rural Alberta.

“Our Vision for the Future: With an unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of our clients, the team at Evergreen Wellness has ambitious plans for expansion. We aim to introduce an array of new services to complement our existing offerings. Massage therapy will soon be available to ease tensions and rejuvenate tired bodies, while acupuncture will unlock the body’s natural healing potential.”

Overcoming Challenges

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial experience, Megan notes that her most significant challenge has been navigating the complex landscape of advertising needs, technology, human resources, and day-to-day operations single-handedly. Juggling advertising campaigns to reach their target audience, staying up to date with ever-evolving technologies, managing the intricacies of human resources, and ensuring seamless day-to-day operations became formidable tasks. At the beginning of 2023, Megan sought out Business Link to obtain invaluable support and insight into the realm of digital marketing.

“As a small business owner, I recognized the immense potential of leveraging digital platforms to reach a wider audience and expand my business’s presence. Business Link provided me with the guidance and expertise I needed to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, enabling me to craft effective strategies tailored to my business’s unique goals.”

Business Link was an invaluable asset in Megan’s entrepreneurial journey, connecting her to a myriad of community resources and support systems, such as funding opportunities and online resources.

“Business Link’s reliability as a hub for up-to-date and accurate information has been indispensable in navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Their commitment to empowering entrepreneurs like me with relevant knowledge and connections has played a crucial role in the growth and success of my business.”

It Takes a Village

In addition to the valuable assistance from Business Link, Megan found support from other organizations within her community. Local Chambers of Commerce were instrumental in establishing meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs and gaining insights into the local business ecosystem. Their events and networking opportunities allowed her to forge valuable partnerships and expand her business network. Moreover, collaborating with skilled website developers helped elevate her online presence and create a professional and user-friendly website.

Looking Back

If there’s one thing Megan could change, it would be seeking help and support sooner rather than attempting to manage all aspects of her business on her own, allowing her to focus on her core strengths, make more informed decisions, and propel her business to greater heights faster.

“While being self-reliant has its merits, I now realize that collaborating with experienced mentors, experts, and organizations like Business Link could have accelerated my progress and alleviated the challenges I faced.”

Sharing Wisdom

Megan’s advice to fellow aspiring entrepreneurs is to seek help and support right from the beginning as it can potentially save an immense amount of time and effort. Collaborating with organizations like Business Link, connecting with local chambers of commerce, and consulting with experts in various fields can provide valuable insights, guidance, and resources that would otherwise take a considerable amount of trial and error to discover independently. Embracing assistance early on empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and focus on their business’s core aspects, can accelerate growth and lead to a more successful and fulfilling entrepreneurial experience.

Megan Logan

Founder and Counsellor, Evergreen Wellness