The “one-stop-shop” saying is sometimes an overused cliché, but for the instance of the Alberta Government’s Self-Employment (SE) program, it is an accurate descriptor. With funding support from both provincial and federal governments, these 26 week training programs are amazing incubators and catalysts for aspiring entrepreneurs across Alberta. With the objective of training and mentoring unemployed and marginally employed Albertans who have a viable business idea, the SE program has seen great success rates over the years. The cost, you ask? The best part about this program is that it’s free to qualified applicants! Get the details on this valuable program and how it can take you from the business idea stage to opening your business doors.

Practical Programming

To clarify, the Self-Employment training program is not just a series of classes on business startup. They are hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, practical programs that move a new entrepreneur from the research, feasibility, and planning stages to the launch and implementation phase. Class sizes average 10-15 entrepreneurs that journey through the experience together, supporting one another through the roller coaster of startup experiences. Each entrepreneur leaves the program with a realistic business plan that has been developed with the guidance and mentorship of the SE Contractor business advisors. These business plans are the road maps for the entrepreneur; a document they can take to their banker or just use as a reference point as they grow.

Connecting to Entrepreneurial Supports

In addition to the training and startup coaching provided by the SE contractors, participants are exposed to the many local support resources available to them in the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as potential funders, strategic alliances, support networks, and cost-effective startup resources. It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur, and having the connections provided upfront, increases the likelihood of success.

Interested in a Program near You?

There are programs running in five centres across Alberta. In Edmonton, Micro Business Training Centre and Anderson Career Training Institute are currently contracted to run SE intakes. In Southern Alberta, visit Execuserv Plus Inc. for the Lethbridge region, and Community Futures Entre-Corp Business Development for the Medicine Hat area. In Calgary, visit alis for details on the newest provider. 

For clients that have disabilities, there are SE Programs running in Calgary through Momentum and in Edmonton through the DECSA Ventures Program.

Not Qualified for a SE Program? We’ve Got Your Back!

For clients ineligible for the SE Program, we’re happy to be your next call. We’ll get you the one-on-one support you need—whether you’re looking for market research helpregulatory and licensing answers, or business training. Give us a call at 1-800-272-9675 so we can work on your business dream, together.