Logos and Brands: The Iron Chef Analogy

This article was provided to us by our friends at nine10.

Let’s talk about logos and visual identities. When you’re working with a brand agency, here’s what you should get: a deconstructed brand, assets you can easily load into an editing platform like Canva, and training on how to use it all!

Ultimately what this does, is empower you to be able to create your own graphics and activate your brand in your digital marketing. Let’s Dive into one of our favourite analogies!

The Kitchen

Think of those cooking shows, Iron Chef, Masterchef, Chopped, but one of those shows with an incredible Kitchen and huge pantry. There’s an amazing stove, huge walk-in fridge and freezer, every top of the line appliance you can imagine. Are you picturing it?

In activating your brand, editing platforms like Canva are like that kitchen. Having a Canva brand kit gives you all the tools you need to build beautiful branded graphics for your digital marketing. You will be able to keep colours, images, brand assets, fonts, everything consistent across all your platforms.


The Chef

Having an incredible kitchen with all the best tools and equipment available is great and all, but what happens next? All of that is meaningless if you don’t know how to use it. You need someone to help you. You need an Iron Chef to help you. If you think about those cooking shows, the celebrity chef coaches the contestants through their cooking to help them succeed.

When we’re talking about your brand your agency should be there every step of the way, guiding you in best practices and how to use the tools.

The Ingredients

Finally we have the ingredients. If you think back to that key moment in these cooking shows we’ve been talking about, where the camera pans over to the pantry. There are shelves and tables piled high with delicious, gourmet, fresh ingredients. There’s everything from the best cuts of meat, and the most delicious herbs.

The ingredients are like your brand assets, your visual identity, all the different elements that help make your brand, yours. Not sure what all those ingredients might be? Read this blog post on what all goes into building your brand!

The Finale

So how does this all come together? Imagine if you were watching Iron chef and all they had was a piece of chicken, or they were in a kitchen that only had a hotplate and one mixing bowl. What if the contestant had all the ingredients and an amazing kitchen but had no idea how to use them? In all of those scenarios there’s a key piece missing.

If your organization has a beautiful brand but doesn’t have a way to activate it, it’s like having incredible ingredients but no kitchen. Or what if you have Canva, but only a logo and no other pieces to your brand? That’s like having all the incredible tools, but only having a piece of chicken to cook with.

That’s where your agency comes in. Professional graphic designers will build you an incredible brand encompassing all the elements of your Business’s personality and style. Then they will either put together a Canva brand kit for you or give you all the assets in easily accessible files so you can do it yourself.

So now you have the ingredients and the kitchen, the last step is having a celebrity chef to help you learn how to use them! Your designers should walk you through each of your elements in your brand and show you how to use them! This will help you create beautiful, branded graphics every time.

Check out nine10’s branding services and book a consult with their business development strategist to see how they can build your brand!

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With their expanded team of Business Development Professionals, Designers, Website Developers, Print Experts, and Digital Marketing Trainers, they’ve built an incredible knowledge base. This group of experts and extensive experience helps their clients build vibrant, exciting new brands, websites, and assets to help their marketing shine.

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