On September 30, the Business Link office will be closed to honor the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. On this day, the team members at Business Link will reflect, remember and recognize the Indigenous peoples of Canada; their communities, their beliefs, their histories and reflect on the impact that Canada’s history has had on Indigenous people in Canada. Our Indigenous Services at Business Link has been a pillar of our organization since 2003 and it is with the greatest intent and respect that we learn every day from Indigenous clients, businesses, communities, and Indigenous team members, past, present, and future, in order to build the best Business Link we possibly can. We are always growing and learning, and we commit to relearning Indigenous history and realities every day, and annually dedicating September 30th as a day to relearn.

“As a first the first generation of my family who has not attended residential school, I am very happy that the federal government has established September 30 as National Day of Recognition. The impacts of residential school have shaped and molded my life path, beliefs, and self-identity. I am one story in a massive anthology of others. It is absolutely true that every First Nations person you know is directly impacted by the residential school system. The systems of residential school and other assimilation strategies are passed down in our families and communities and Canadian society through intergenerational and transgenerational circumstances. September 30 is a day to commemorate and be actively present in the journey of truth and reconciliation.”

—Holly Atjecoutay, Director of Indigenous Services, Business Link