Cash Flow Templates

It’s time to talk numbers. Having a cash flow statement can help you ensure you are always on track with your financials. Use the templates below to help you plan and forecast your business costs, expenses, and sales.

A complete cash flow statement will tell you how much money you need, how you arrived at that number, what purchases will be made, and how you will earn back borrowed monies with sales revenue.

If your business is asking for funding, how much you ask for should be supported by the total of your start-up costs (everything you need to spend before you open the doors) plus any operating costs for the first few months, until sales start coming in (enough to cover your ongoing expenses). Have questions? We’re here to help.

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The numbers you talk about here will help with your financial projections, giving you an idea of costs and the viability of your business. You need to show that cash you receive through sales, investment, or financing will cover expenses throughout the coming months.

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Looking for Funding?

Do you plan on asking for funding for your small business? Use our business plan builder with one of our partner organizations’ cash flow templates to apply for funding. Contact one of our trusted partners, listed below, to apply for funding.


Alberta Indian Investment Corporation

The AIIC is a First Nation-owned investment company that provides lending and business resources for First Nation entrepreneurs in Alberta.

Learn More


Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

AWE provides unique programs and services to women at all stages of business through advising, financing, mentoring, and network development.


ATB Entrepreneur Centre


Whether you’re dreaming, building, or growing, the ATB Entrepreneur Centres offer a powerful set of tools to help your business and personal finances grow together.

Learn More

The Business Development Bank of Canada

BDC supports support small and medium-sized businesses in all industries and at every stage of growth with money and advice.

Learn More

Community Futures

Community Futures offers entrepreneurs in rural Alberta the tools they need to succeed, including flexible loans, business tools, guidance, and support.

Learn More


Futurpreneur provides financing, mentorship, and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-39 to launch, grow or buy your own business.



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